Norway is said to have zero debt, but still pays 22,6 billion NOK/year in interestrate

Norway will according to Norwegian Wikipedia pay 22.6 billion NOK in bank interest rates in 2011. And this is for a country where governmental debt allegedly does not exist. Why? The answer is called liquidity. Loans that must be taken in the bank to be allowed print the country’s own money. No wonder international banks seem to want to do anything to stop a new monetary system that will stop this?

State of Globe has written a lot about the banking system, and its enormous power over our lives. One thing is the local banking system, which as far as I know anything about us through our use of plastic cards, etc.. But they are always under some degree of political control. Worse, the international banking system. Where the game is a huge high stake game where our freedom is a stake.

Heritage funds
There are some completely insane extremely large funds, which we may call our common world heritage. They are said to be gold and real value-based. You will be able to read about them on the website of the Office of International Treasury Control. This organizational structure has received much criticism on the Internet, but in the extreme struggle now under way on the right to use these funds, this is hardly surprising. In love and war it is said that everything is permitted, «as we speak» we have an ongoing war of historical proportions in international finance. A war few people still seem to understand anything of.

When this war is over there is reason to believe that the craziness of  borrowing to be allowed to print money will be over. All that I see tells me that the month of December will be the month of victory and change in this ongoing battle.



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