When reality meets entertainment

Here the other day I read a brilliant coloumn in a Norwegian paper about our love for evil. Of course not in real life. But in entertainment. How does that affect us, when evil becomes reality? Like 722 here in Norway.

This is a difficult subject, especially now.  Maybe because it may confront the evil inside all of us? The evil that we are playing with, through movies, TV-series, books, computer games etc.. The evil that makes us feel good, because we are shown an evil beyond anything we could even think of being ourselves?

Nourishes evil?
Or maybe it is even worse, an evil inside us, nourished through the same entertainment medias?  Not nourished in the sense that a normal human being will start murdering people etc.. But an evil that affects our way of living more than any one of us dare to admit? May be we deep inside know how evil we can be, given the right circumstances?  But that evil is easily denied and forgotten through entertainment making us feel good? Other can be evildoers, but not me …. do you recognize those words?

What is the foundation?
Am I wrong to say that we have seen some very nasty, for a normal brain unexplainable incidents since the Colombine massacre? What had built the foundation for these monstrous acts, that really met its peak here in Norway six weeks ago?

Before you fully close the door on me as a nutcase blaming violent entertainment for these extremists, I am not saying that the explanation is as simple as the ones I have presented here. , of course not. But if we are not are willing/dare to have a look at ourselves in the mirror, how can we change anything for the better?

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