The Power of Gold

I have been thinking a lot about ((Ben Bernanke)) lately, chairman of the privately owned central bank of the US an de facto the world, Federal Reserve. He recently said that gold is not money. Being as I am fairly certain about a coming goldbacked currency, Bernankes statement really made me confused. Until I realized that Federal Reserve doesn’t own any gold.

This world is all about fight for power and its main weapon money. Which in turn of course also makes it about a fight over what we call money. The right to print money is power. No doubt about that. A fact also recognized by the founding father of the extremely powerful Rotschild banking family, Mayer Amschel.

The idea of money started with gold, and God says in the Bible that all gold and silver belongs to Him. Maybe because He should have been the provider of real money for humanity? A provider of real money, providing fairness, blessings and love as backing of a system where all would have gotten what they needed to be happy?

Copy Gods money
There are many reason to believe that gold is the money given to us by our Creator. Maybe there is no wonder then that history has been so filled with attacks on this yellow and everlasting metal? No wonder that alchemists always has tried to copy God and make gold, but never succeed. It happens even today, disguised as a debt based fiat-system, made by people that had little or no access to the real gold. So they have obviously chosen to compete with God, and make something that in their minds could give all the power of gold over to them?

Have not deserved
If there is one obvious thing when we talk about money, it must be that humanity never has deserved even one inch of trust regarding their moneysystem. The human race does not want to know God, and as the polite being He is He leaves us on our own. To our greed, to our selfish and often evil ways. Humanity has been allowed to run the show, with all the results history has told us about. Massmurder and human suffering on at scale none of us even can dream of understanding the magnitude of.

Some people have read their Bible and sees that this fight has been here since Man entered this planet. It is not only about God as the owner of the gold, it is the fight between good and evil, God and the fallen angel Lucifer, and last, but by no means least the fight about the birthright to this world. A right once given to the Sumerian Abraham, by the Almighty Himself.

King Solomon and Israel
The Bible is terribly underestimated when we talk about its qualities as an historical book. And all I have read and seen in the axis between conventional history and the Bible tells me that the story of the brothers Esau and Jacob, the grandsons of Abraham are crucial to understand anything about this world. Jacob, that were given the name Israel had twelve sons. They were founder of their own tribes, of which ten allegedly disappeared. While two of the tribes, Judah and Benjamin in 1948 re-established the old Israel, the alleged Promised Land. Am I too far off to think that fight for gold has been a central driver/weapon/tool in this story about the birthright to the world? One of the true sons of Gods own Israel, King Solomon once were Gods trustee for all the gold in the world.

I am just a simple observer, knowing nothing. I love my history and I love my Bible. I love my neighbour and I love the truth about the world around us. What you have read here is just my observations, and what has crossed my mind after seeing and reading what I have. You readers of State of Globe have a head better than most. I leave the conclusions to you.

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  1. This is all truth about Gold with my friend Hans. May God keep on giving him much revelation that he may be used to touch the leaders of this world that may use gold to bring attack to the world, We pray all reading this read it with great understanding and this will really encourage you as it has done to me. Praise be to God our giver of gold which belongs to him


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