Why did Greece not follow Iceland? (Updated Feb. 19th 2012)

I have, with growing sadness looked at what has happened to Greece. If we look at the last year of Iceland, Greece is a tragedy I find it very hard to think ever needed to happen. Why have Greece become slaves? Because of the thruth, or big fat bank- and eurosaving lies? An update to this article is here. It looks worse than ever for Greece. And now the financial  vultures are coming. A new update 02.19.12 about the good recovery of Iceland, now even getting new creditworthyness puts the EU warnings about Greece in a very strange light.

The medias has written and/or said, over and over again, that there was no way around very hard times for Greece. That they had to «debts that no honest man could pay«. That they needed help, big time, from EU and the IMF. That there was no other way.

Running boys
But what happened to Iceland? Where are they now? Hardly anyone writes about them anymore. UK and and Holland are not happy, to say the least. Why? Because they were playing with the bankers themselves, and forced the Brits and the Dutch people to bailout their own moneygambling banks? When Iceland refused to do the same, the British and Dutch politicians may have gotten caught between a rock and a hard spot? Iceland proved them wrong, and in many eyes they may have being seen as running boys for the banking system and Brussels?

The truth is that Iceland already is on it way back to sound economy again. Read this report from April 2011. Major parts of the debts were recovered in the failed banks, and will of course be used. And the people of Iceland can rebuild their country on sound economical principles again. They can of course forget any dream of membership in the European Union. But anyone watching the EU these days will see how much of a suicide task that would have been. EU is «eating» its members, one by one. Who would want to be in shoes of the Greek people these days?

New World Order?
Yes, I know that Greece may have lived outside economical reality. But do we believe all the mediahype to take Greece down, or should we rather talk to the people of Greece? How has life really been down there? I guess we can say that the only one that can really know the shoe, is the one that is wearing it?

Are the Greeks the lazy, demanding and greedy people that medias, EU and the banks say they are? I doubt it. But what I do not doubt is that the man that was i charge of helping the Greek government hiding the Greek debt until it was too late, is now becoming the new leader of the European central bank. Another thing I do not doubt is all the info coming out about the crisis in Greece and others,  «forcing» the leadership of EU to take control over the finances over its memberstates. It all reminds me too much about what David Rockefeller allegedly once have said: We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the NewWorld Order.

I hope this is not a part of the game right now??

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