Monkeys now get their own ad campaign

I have seen much that has made me wonder about the direction of humanity, and the idea of an ad campaign for monkeys is definitely one of these things. The first campaign is according to ((New Scientist)) now a fact.

The campaign is of course just a test, after two ad executives learned that monkeys understand the concept of money. So why do I make this fuss about it?
The answer is simple, I am human and I regard humans as just that, humans.

I am not afraid of competition from the monkeys. But I see one big danger to the uniqness of being human. The more we regards humanty as just another form of aninmal we destroy ourselves from within. Because at the same time human life looses its value, and when that is lost all is lost.

Take away responsibility
Animals are so much better than humans, because they kill for food. They are only following the laws of nature. Humans are predators like no one else, and do not deserve to be «the king of the globe». I have heard all these good reason to put animals up on a pedestal. But these reason have one big flaw, they are taking the responsibility away from humans. They basically say that humans are so eviul that they cannot change. From my perspective this view is only benefiting the military industrial complex, Wall Street and all others that only want humans to be a part of their moneymaking machinery. And with no free will of their own.

This ad campaign is just a part of this de-humanizing of humans, even if I do not think the ad executives ever thought about that. And may be that is the problem. Too much thinking about money, and too little thinking about long time consequences?


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