The man that «killed» Greece will be new leader of European Central Bank

I guess it it just a sign of the crazyness in banking when ((Mario Draghi)), the man that was in charge of the derivatives department in ((Goldman Sachs)) when they adviced Greece to hide their real debt, now become new leader of the ((European Central Bank))?

This should of course put up all red flags for the conspiracy people  of the world. Because making the man that according to ((Max Keiser)) were responsible for advicing Greece to create the mess they now are in, chairman of the bank that will have to fix this mess may seems to say it all. Europe wants default on Greece, to get all assets on «firesale» and the first nail in the coffin called the sovereign states of Europe.

But for some strange reason I do not think this is why Draghi got the job. More likely he got it because the bosses of Europe has lost all touch with reality, and has no clue about what they are doing. Draghi has seemingly been working hard to save the Euro. That I guess is the reason why he got his job. That the man behind the misery of Greece takes this job in the first place tells all about what he he must be made of.  And that is not decency and moral. But these two words are maybe unknown in international banking and politics?

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