Pakistan may be target for war

Map of Pakistan
Map of Pakistan (Photo credit: Omer Wazir)


There seems to be continuously growing pressure for war between Pakistan and God knows who. Now alleged links between Pakistani intelligence and the alleged Bin Ladens courier is said to have been been found on the alleged Bin Laden couriers cell phone.


We have seen it over at vast number of years. But nothing like after Benazir Bhutto was killed. Some say it is India that is behind the warmongering, others says Israel has an urge for war in Pakistan. Both of them hates an Islamic nation having capacity for nuclear war.

Several reasons
Others again talk about the continous war (with or without weapons) between shiites and sunnis, and finally someone says that the real reason for wartalk now is that  Pakistan has joined nuclear hands with China. Something that also opens the geographical doors for China to the Middle East.

Possible trojan horse?
Turkey is also a political player in this grandscale political game, and may end up being an Asia trojan horse within the European Union, if they ever become a member. Which by now is unlikely, because the days of the EU as we know it seems to be over with a few months. Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy and others seems to dig the grave of the whole European idea.

May be tools for others
Personally I believe we must be careful to point fingers at anyone in particular, since everyone also may be a tool for other, more hidden powers. But there is no doubt a hard push is going on, and it is not a particular nice view for anyone trying to understand what is going on.

Between a rock and a hard spot
Pakistan is, no matter the reason and who is behind,  caught between a rock and a hard spot, and what ever they try to do it will turn out to be wrong. No wonder extreme islam seems to get so much «nourishment» in this country, because what choice do the Pakistanis have?

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