Telenor sabotaged?

The main Norwegian telecom provider Telenor are having trouble, with network full or partly down three times in just few weeks. At the worst they were down for more than 12 hours. Are they not doing their job, or are more sinister reasons behind the problems?


Telenor are growing very fast in the in the international marketplace, but has had some severe partnerproblems in Russia. I am not trying to blame anyone, but the explanations we get Telenor are a lot like the ones we got after the e-coli problems in Germany. They say they have found the problem, but when you read the explanation it is vague. It seems like we get the most likely reason for the problems, but nothing can be proved.

Vague explanations
The first round of problems for Telenor was explained to be a showel destroying a cable. That may happen, but how can a big player like Telenor avoid rerouting avoiding the problems until they get fixed? A big week later they fall down for more than 12 hours, and the explanation is a server that has been restarted? Where is the redudancy/reservesolution? And Saturday they were at it again, without any real explanation, except lack of capacity.

What is going on?
Bottom line for all problems seems to to be lack of capacity when something unexpected happen. In the IT-world we have something called DDOS attack, which is owerflowing/drowning a server with requests. Are Telenor experiencing something like this? We live in a time full of hackers, crackers and attacks on infrastructure. Are somebody testing out Norway? Have Telenor gotten themselves some enemies in the world of business? It is hard to know, but their problems here on Saturday really made me wonder what is going on?

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