Obama may give up new WH run

President Obama on Monday said to «Today Show» host on NBC, Ann Curry that he is sure there are days when he feels like giving up. He basically also said that family has no big need for a second term in The White House. It is very hard not to wonder why he says this now, while his staff is pushing hard for him to be elected for a second term?


For a human perspective it is of course very easy to understand how hard all that has happened must have been for him. But the man is no average Mary or Joe, he is the President of The United States of America. I cannot ever remember to have heard something like this from a president. Does he know something we do not know? As president he must know a lot the public have no clue about. But the point here must be if he knows something the public should have know about?

The world is after all in a very big mess right now, and senator Lindsey Graham (R) is pushing for Obama to send troops to his sixth war. Is something about to break loose, and Obama do not want to be in the middle of it? It is of course still 18 months until anybody knows who the next president will be. But still, why is he saying this, and by that are destroying so much of the work his election staff is doing?

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