Conservative Erna and the crownprince is at Bilderberg 2011

Whether it’s lack of wisdom, lack of insight or simply that they believe the annual Bilderberg-meetings are a place where you can make the world better I do not know. But since, as far as I know, we for the first time get an official participant list attached to this year’s Bilderberg meeting, we know that the Conservative Party Leader Erna Solberg, Crown Prince Haakon, Headmaster of the University of Oslo Ole Petter Ottersen and the always attending Egil Myklebust are participating from Norway in 2011.

When I see how much coverage the embossed elite Bilderberg meeting in 2011 gets in foreign medias, it is mildly surprising how quiet it is in Norwegian media. Especially because we write 2011. A year in which wars, natural disasters and enormous tensions between the world’s great powers stand in line, and the global economic system any time now can be replaced. Something that will dramatically reduce the power of those who have it today. Simply because the monetary system they have largely built their power on will cease to exist.

Gathering the elite
The Bilderberg-meetings gathers the world elite in politics, business and the press for an annual meeting, where the framework is laid for much of what they want to happen in the coming year. The little we have been allowed to know from the meetings, basically confirms this. We may often see see their reported decisions take place in between each meeting.

That central editors globally and mediamoguls also are involved in these meetings is of course extremely reprehensible, especially because nothing will officially come out from meetings. Their presence gives indeed solid fuel to those who see central parts of the international media more as microphone stands for monetary power than as real journalists.

Danger to Democracy
You have to look far to find a more democratically dangerous event than Bilderberg. What do Erna Solberg think about that? Bilderberg choose their own participants, determines their own agenda and has until now had the power to do what they wanted. A power there is reason to believe they at times have used in the crudest of ways, but also a power that is more and more disappearing every day. A power built on the illusion of money, an illusion that will soon seem to vanish into the sun. I hope Erna Solberg, the crown prince and other Norwegian participants know what they are doing when they participate in this unfortunate event?

Controlled opposition
The highly controversial and respected Politiken editor and longtime Bilderberg participant ((Tøger Seidenfaden)) died 27 January this year of cancer, and is for obvious reasons not there this year. Many people wonder if some of his over the years many controversial initiatives may have had their roots in his Bilderberg participation? Because he always achieved results, and got things to happen that otherwise would have been difficult. May be we should ask whether a controlled opposition is better than someone you do not know? Seidenfaden was almost always in opposition. Perhaps he was an example of the very unfortunate and from a democratic pespective very dangerous fact, that reporters are participants at the Bilderberg meeting.

Happy with the Conservatives support for DLD
Siv Jensen attended the Bilderberg after she took over the leadership of the Progress Party. It does not seem to have given her taste for more. Other well-known Norwegian politicians have also been there, but does not seem to have repeated it that much. What will happen with Erna Solberg remains to be seen, but she got her Conservative Party  back up to the socialdemocatric  AP when they said YES to the EU Data Retention Directive. This has probably been positive noted within Bilderberg system. A system in which many key members have never made a secret of their desire to change our globe into a global federation. This is what we know as the New World Order.

Some interesting info har just surfaced from some of the many medias that this year are covering Bilderberg. It has never before been this big mediaevent it seem to be this year. I wonder fra Erna Solberg and the crown price think about alleged prostitutes flown in to serve our belowed leaders?

Update Sunday approx. 12.50
The English journalist Charlie Skelton, from the English newspaper the Guardian reports that at least three members of the Swiss Parliament takes part in the protests at the Bilderberg. One of them even tried to get in without an invitation. Are Swiss parliamentary protests OK for the Norwegian participants, with the crown prince at the head? Where is line between his non-political role and participation at the Bilderberg, and also in the economic forum in Davos? One can try to find any other of his royal colleagues on the participant list, although I admit that the royal house of Holland was part of establishment of Bilderberg.

Here are Bilderbergs own website.

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