Is this the future of EU?

It is 48-hour general strike i Greece. Things seems to get rough down there. You can follow the strike live here.

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Have a blessed Sunday!

Av private grunner blir det dessverre ikke mulig med en skikkelig  søndagshilsen denne søndagen. Men State Of Globe kommer sterkere tilbake. Due to private circumstances you will unfortuinately not find the normal Greeting on a Sunday here on State Of Globe. But it will be back, hopefully next week.

These are the funds they say will save USA

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan
Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine a fund, so huge that you get problems thinking in numbers as large as this. Imagine the fund being blocked by banks and/or authorities, for the sole purpose of  «taking control» of the yearly interest gained by the fund. This is a description of the Wanta funds, that allegedly have been blocked for 15 years plus. Now it seems this may change.

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Wall Street Journal uncovering a possible 8 trillion USD fraud

.A possible fraud of eight trillion (eight thousand billion) dollars is right now being uncovered by Wall Street Journal. A journalistic uncovering of a fraud, that if proven true will bring a central US paper back among the very best medias of the word.

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Scientists found a way to download/upload long time memory from a brain


(PR Newswire) – Scientists have developed a way to turn memories on and off—literally with the flip of a switch. Using an electronic system that duplicates the neural signals associated with memory, they managed to replicate the brain function in rats associated with long-term learned behavior, even when the rats had been drugged to forget.

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